Joining the YouTube World

Shay's Kitchen Youtube Channel Art

Hello all,

I hope you are all fine and keeping safe as the world battles the COVID 19 pandemic.

It has been a super long minute,exactly 3 years to be precise, goodness! mommy has been busy (just let this excuse pass), because the last time I posted I was not a mom yet.God blessed us with a super beautiful girl and our lives have never been the same again.We give thanks.

Now, to why I actually decided to write something today, the pandemic has changed how things are being done in several sectors. We were all introduced to new things like home-schooling and working from home.

The period has given most people an opportunity to try several things they always hoped to but had excuses of little time.People have started blogs,revamped bogs like myself ;), Doing a lot of DIY and much more.

I have delved into the vlogging world with a cooking vlog. I introduced #ShaysKitchen to the World.In the vlogs, I share ways of preparing various meals as well as throw in a few kitchen hacks that have worked for me.

Shay's KitchenPictured: Some meals I have prepared

I hope I will keep at it post the pandemic, I am totally enjoying doing and the overwhelming feedback has given me more reason to go on.

Check out my YouTube channel here Shaylor Mwanje ,subscribe,share with friends and family.Remember to try out the recipes.

Keep safe, better days will come.




Things People with “real” long nails can relate to

Hello Fam,

It has been several months ,actually close to a year since I wrote something here!Hoping so far so good with 2017 apart from politics and of course crazy Unga and Milk prices.I know we have all joined #TeamStrungiForLife and #TeamRiceChapatiWaru coz hell we don’t need police escort when leaving the supermarket with  a packet of milk.

Enough of that, we are in Kenya, so we will sit back  and wait for change to show up.if there is any of it.To my topic, nails, almost every woman desires beautiful and well manicured fingernails.Today, I am proudly announcing that on the day God created mine,he sure took his sweet time,they beautiful and don’t break however long!

Several things come with carrying around such cute nails.See below:

Wow!Nice nails, are they real?

Yes!Several women love stick-ons and any other artificial artifacts to achieve a fantastic look that some of us just don’t too hard to achieve,and it becomes a problem when someone sports my super fantastic beautifully manicured nails and asks if they are a fake!Huh?Some even request to touch jut to be sure.It’s not such  a cool thing,some of us  are just blessed 😉

Gosh!Do you “touch’ water?

What do you mean touch water!Lol..I do that every damn minute especially when I am in the house all day,  (In-case you need a  witness,I will bring him forth),haha.So many people assume with long nails you can’t do laundry(handwash), do dishes or just basic house chores!Well I am living proof that it is possible!

Focus on the nails


Wait,you are typing with your nails?

I have gotten that a lot,yes normally,people tend to type with the tip of the finger pressing the keyboard keys,for me it is the nails!



When you have a baby,you will have to cut them short

Thanks for the tip guys.

Wow!On your wedding no artificial nails

That is the fun bit of it,yeah!You know these days  we actually wish our boyfriends told us when they are going to propose so we get manicure before the ring is put on it?It is that serious..

Buttoning up shirts and blouses is no walk in the park!

Oh yeah, if you have nails with the length of the ones i have now,then you know too well that the shirts with tiny buttons are not easy to button up!

Putting on earrings with stoppers is a real struggle

Hmmh!You know the pearl and button earrings with rubber-ish minute stoppers!Yes,those things have no shame,you can be in  a hurry but they stupidly get stuck between the nails!Takes close to 5 minutes to finally put them in place.

OK! These are some of the things I get often,fellow beautiful long nail keepers,what are you often told?Share with me! 😉



August has been a Darling!

Hello Fam,

So well August 2016 came and it has less than 5hrs and pap,gone for Good!You all know I have a funny way of starting my posts,and this is no different.



August has been awesome,save for the tricks the weather has been playing on me,I mean I rock my summer wear and mother nature says,I envy you Shaylor,and there the rain comes..I love mother nature anyway..she knows how to behave at times.I have also been a good girl and promised not to fuss coz this is my birthday month,and Nothing can stop a Virgo!

August brought many opportunities my way,my best friend and confidant tells me it is the growing up Fever.Things somehow just fall in place,you meet the right people at the right time,you have awesome moments and make memories.This comes career wise,academic wise and of course final graduation from singlehood to “Doublehood” alias marriage,engagements for some.

I have met the nicest of people this August,done the most exciting activities and I am happy about the steps I am taking in life.

So when all is said and done..I am sharing my success,or should I say some of the things I have been involved in.The latest went down today.

Check out this Live Blog  and one more thing,I know you all don’t love diplomatic stuff but please subscribe to this YouTube Channel  ,you might just see something of interest you have always wanted to participate and never knew how to go about it.

Thanks for dropping by,Have a fantastic September!




Ladies: Throwback,to when we “grew” up!

Hello fam,


It is Thursday,and we all know what that means in the new Millennium (saying this reminds me of the Summer of 1999) when we were told the world ends the minute we get into the 2000s…..A decade and half we are….haha!

Yes that is throwback,as in(I hope people still use this statement on these streets ,or it qualifies as a TBT already?)…remembering events of the past…both good and bad in equal measure,in my case that is.

So well,let me quit narrating what you already know,fellow ladies(I do not know why this sounds too official),but anyway ,this is for us.God gave us a uterus,for two reasons,one to ruin our lives through monthly periods and two make us happy when we carry lives inside us and rejoice after 270 days or so when bouncing baby boys/girls ‘touch’ the earth….I am not sure about the bouncing part though coz I am yet to experience that,just clarifying so I am not misquoted!

I am looking back to my teenage years,when I was 15…going to 16,when womanhood set in and that is when mine truly my mom sat down with me and told me “look here darling,you are my little girl,but now,if you ‘play’  with boys,you can be a mother too”. Trust me those were not fun words and the chills I got from that,I cannot who would want to be a mom at 15 anyway?So I took in her words and never “played with boys”..haha.I could see the worry in her eyes,I was now grown,apparently,I learnt later,that I was late somehow because these “ghosts” mostly come at 12,13,14 yrs there about,but the latest is 17.

It is true,I remember back in primary school when ‘big’ girls would accidentally realize the ‘ghosts’ in the name of monthly p’s have ‘arrived’ and they had a group that we ‘kids’ were not allowed to be part of.Remember those days one would walk with a sweater tied on their waist all day coz they soiled their uniform,yes that is what I am talking about.At times I am totally glad I went through primary school without having to deal with that coz we had cheeky boys who would not give the ‘big’ girls peace by constantly asking questions like why they are not going out to play as usual.

I also did not understand then,but now I do…YOU SEE,these Ps are not just all fun for all of us.They come with the worst thing to ever happen under the sun after Lot’s wife turning into stone(or was it salt,these bible parables can be confusing) is called Menstrual cramps!Yeah,my friend,those things are evil.And yes,yours truly has been dealing with that,for the last 9 or maybe 10 yrs now!


                                                  Photo: courtesy

As is the norm with humans,we speculate and come up with reasons as to why some things happen,especially health matters and we always have some “cure”…OK..I am not entirely disputing that,but well we are told GMO food could be the reason people in this generation suffer from menstrual cramps.Could be true by the way,but well,not sure I ate junk while in high school,but I still suffered.

It never changed after,it actually got worse,I am one of those people who do not accidentally realize the ‘ghosts’ have arrived,this is where the uterus is said to ruin your life.Happy are those who never experience menstrual cramps,for restful night sleep and walking straight is theirs till eternity at that time of the month!

Most of us find remedy in painkillers,but we are told they cause cancer,they cause infertility,et al.Yes,these days anything can happen,soon we will be told our own saliva is cancerous!And then we resort to herbal medicines which are all over the place these days,then again we are told they will kill us…hehe and we fear death,don’t we?

And then there is another ridiculous myth that intercourse just before the Ps helps one to have painless Ps.I swear hii dunia itatufunza maajabu!

Well and then there is exercising occasionally,this helps BTW.There is also another myth of de-worming,how worms and P’s are connected,I don’t know,but I will find out and share of course!

Experts also say they go away after birth of a child and I have been a lot in the recent past that I should get a baby and cramps will be a #TBT just like that but I know one too many women who have kids but have menstrual cramps still.

Blog 3

               Photo: Courtesy

So yeah,we are just left to wallow in the misery of painful periods coz the “ghosts” are still punishing the fruits of Adam and Eve since Eve just couldn’t run away from a snake like all women do!

That mamie had guts BTW,like she actually just paused in the Garden and comfortably had a conversation with a snake?It still beats me how she could do that,we would all be peaceful right now and eat pop corn,roll on the couch as we watch Central Intelligence without having to worry that we will stain the seats or soil our clothes!

But life happens and we all grow up!

Be my guest anytime…







Inside Out

By Angie Flores
Outside lives a girl with a smile that will brighten up the room,
yet inside hides a girl with a frown full of despair.Outside lives a girl with eyes of joy that bring you to ease,
yet inside hides a girl shedding tears of sadness.

Outside lives a girl with a beautiful laugh that’s contagious,
yet inside hides a girl screaming her lungs out in unwanted anger.

Outside lives a girl with the personality everyone envies,
yet inside hides a girl full of insecurities and shame.

Outside lives a girl who is fearless and tough,
yet inside hides a weak girl who lives in fear.

Outside lives a girl full of life,
yet inside hides a girl full of pain, wanting to die.

Outside lives a girl with a perfect image,
yet inside hides a girl with regrets and mistakes.

Outside lives a girl of innocence,
yet inside hides a girl with tremendous guilt.

Outside lives a girl with goals and aspirations,
yet inside lives a girl lost in confusion.

What you see on the outside is my personal disguise.
What hides underneath, you can’t even begin to imagine.

Today is one of those crazy days,my emotions are all over the place and I just came across this.Thought I should share…..Somehow #SOML at the moment.


Katika Spiriti ya Kisengere nyuma cha Ijumaa


Hivi ningependa kuwaamkua katika lugha ya taifa ila tu maneno mengi sijayatumia kwa muda.Pia,maneno haya yameadimika kama wali wa daku(wajua twakumbuka shule ya upili)

Nyote mwajua siku ya Ijumaa wakati mwingi tuliambiwa tuzungumze Kiswahili,wale tushakuwa wazungu weusi..lugha hatuitambui tulipewa kile kidude kwa jina Diski.

Siku hizo sikuzungumza kwa sana maanake Kiswahili Kilinjoo kwa meli pia  kisiwa cha Zanzibar, ningeanza kusema kwa Kimombo tu.Licha ya kutojua kusema kwa Kiswahili,niliandika kiswahili kwa njia bora mno,hata kupata alama ya “A” 😉

Well well,I have written three paragraphs in Swahili and I must say I miss those Fridays in High School when we had to use Swahili all day.


To Flash Back Fridays!

Mimi ni Mkenya halisi… 😉


He/She is not your friend if…..

Hello fam,


Last time I promised that I will tell you something more about friendship,time has come I let it out,since my very good friend Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin “Messiah” Netanyahu is in town.

Bibi(Only Netanyahu’s friend like myself use this name),is a good friend of mine.BTW, I am not even mad at him for making get to work at 10.30am this morning.I keep joking when we chat and tell him,when I grow up I want to be just like him.Yes I will not even get mad at him for staying cool as one of the East African states head of state referred to Israel as Palestine.Whatever this head of state was thinking as he said this,only God knows,he is my friend too btw,you know that love your neighbor,just as much as you do thing,yes…I live by that,that’s why I call some humans my friends.

I will stop at that,Bibi and I will talk more over a cup of cappuccino just before he jets out of the country ;).

I have constantly talked about friendships because of the various post I see on social networks,the rants,the betrayal messages et al.

Well,I just thought i should say some things I feel are signs that you two are/were not friends from the word go.If you notice some of the issues I am about to mention,honey,time to look elsewhere for a shoulder to cry on.

They are selfish/not your friends if:

  1. They only talk about themselves-Do they ever stop for a second during your conversations to ask about you or it is just about them all the way?
  2. They are not happy when you succeed-These ones will discourage from following up on awesome deals and great career paths,if you see this sign,run!
  3. They get mad easily and never listen when you say-friends fight and make up,not keep grudges.
  4. They force you to do something you do not want to do.
  5. They hook you you up with good for nothing men/women
  6. They can easily take your man/woman,husband/wife
  7. They really don’t care to keep in touch
  8. They only contact when they need a favor,esp financial favors.


Well well,guess this is all i have for now and I do hope it helps so that I do not see all these post regret post on “You know your real friends bla bla….” read signs from the word go darling!

In the spirit of writing this week,I will have another post up before the day ends,God willing




When do you say someone is your friend?

Hello Fam!



Well,this is not your usual format of how a piece on friendship should start,but forgive me,that is how the writing will begin.

So, I have been off these “streets” for super long,I guess I could use one of the Swahili sayings whose meanings and origin I still try to crack several years after elementary school.(I am a cool kid by the way…;))…Read that as it is,anyway,that is something I will tell you on a later date.

Today,I want us to take a seat,relax over caramel pop corn,biscuits,cookies and just chat,no phones,no movies,no music…just a serious one on one chat.It has occurred to me that the term friendship is being misused,like you don’t meet me today over a breakfast meeting to discuss serious business matters,possible partnerships and all then since these days a  selfie is always part of the menu,you talk me into getting one,where my lipstick is faded after sipping on an awesome cup of a latte..(Again I am cool kid,lest you forget)…;). My issue is not the lipstick,it is the caption that goes with the image when you post on IG,like boom!Never knew after a breakfast meeting we miraculously transitioned from potential business partners to friends,with time maybe, I will not refute that possibility.



However,I want to point out some aspects that define friendship and situations where you can confidently say someone is your friend and they can swear even before judge jury that you are bound by true friendship.You will agree with me that we all  meet our friends in different  places altogether;Could be school,hospitals,bars,matatus,weddings,funerals,work place et al.Careful though,we have friends and acquaintances,Thou shall not,under whichever circumstances confuse the two.

A friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations,I agree with google here,that is why we are often told if you want an awesome marriage/relationship,it has to built on friendship basis.An acquaintance on the other hand is a person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend(mark this).

Based on that,I want to say,if someone does not know how you look when you just woke up,how you look when happy and sad,how you sound when you cry,laugh genuinely,the stupid things you did while you were young,the most selfish thing you have done,your most embarrassing moments,the person who knows when you pray,what you love doing,your ambitions,your struggles,your successes even the minute ones,a  person who cannot tell if your smile is genuine or plastic,darling that is an acquaintance and not a friend.Do not confuse the two.

Know your circle,do not call someone your friend if the only thing you know about them is where they stay and that you went to a wedding together.

One last thing for today ,remember that having a mutual friend does not automatically make me your friend!!

So this new hype of just passing around the term friend in whichever context should stop,kindly.

Next time I will tell you  about signs that you are lying to yourself about a “friendship”,symptoms/recipes for disaster… ;(


With Love,



More water, more happiness

This happens to be my maiden post this year.I have, for some reason perfected the art of procrastination but I have finally dealt with it.Proof is we finally have a post up!



Well,well….It is amazing how we take for granted the things we have, for instance, food water, clothing et al.

Life is incredible; the very many things we tend to think are evidently accessible are things to die for elsewhere in the world.

I realize a piece on why water should be “feted” is not your normal cup of tea but it is an issue of global concern especially with global warming and climate change in this day and age.

The other day I watched a video of 7 year olds, who would pass as 2 year olds because of their body sizes since those little ones had not eaten nor taken water for a good number of days. It is tear-jerking and I hope anytime we think of such scenarios we will learn to conserve resources and also thank God for what we have.

I am saying this because it is #WorldWaterDay. Equinox is here and temperatures are overly high, actually scientists say it has not been this hot since the early 80’s.We should brace ourselves for tougher days.One good thing though is that if we plan,we will manage the situation,however tough.

The sad part however is that one of the reasons is feasibly caused global warming. Let us not just sit there and complain about situations we can change. Save a drop of water whenever you can. That will save a life.

We all know water is life.,but in case you didn’t know,I just told you so!So keep someone alive by saving a drop of water.


Maybe we can say you are bought

So one fine afternoon,30 Minutes before I leave my place of  work, it crosses my mind, people are getting married, left right center..North East West South name them.

However, before marriage happens,because marriage does happen?Right? Ok,I meant to say before people marry, there are a million things involved, well not a million but close to, courtship, dowry, weddings, visits to the AG if not a church wedding and all.


Today the one thing that struck my head is the dowry, my friend, lets call him Kazana was a sad man the other day. He drops by at my desk and I ask what the matter is. He gladly gets himself a seat before I even asked him to get one. From that reaction I knew something “heavy” was going to be said.
He starts “Kwani nyinyi ni gold,baba ya mtu anataka kudelayisha harusi kwa sababu anongeza dowry,hiyo kuoa pia inaweza kaa tu.” (Are you women like gold? Someone’s dad wants to delay my wedding because of dowry! I can as well do without the marriage)Those are words of a distressed soul if you ask me.

I didn’t say a word to Kazana becauseI figured that would hurt, also I’m not an expert at dowry matters because mine is yet to be paid, and the ‘payer’ is yet to be known.
That aside, after that conversation, I just asked myself, what is dowry. Well, from my society’s point of view, it is some kind of token/gift given to a girl’s family in form of money or animals, not wild animals, mostly it is sheep, goats, cows and most recently camels. As usual, there are exceptions where this dowry is paid to the boy’s family. Boy or man, OK let’s work with man before I get stoned for calling ‘grown men’ boys.

However,this  is my definition.So many things happen out here,In India dowry refers to the durable goods, cash, and real or movable property that the bride’s family gives to the bridegroom, his parents, or his relatives as a condition of the marriage.Note! it is a condition,not a request or anything,goodness!

This one shocked me,in some western countries,dowry is refereed to as transfer of property to the bride’s family.So well,transfer?Meaning the groom’s family is just doing some keeping at least until their  son chooses a bride!

All said and done,I am not for the idea of parents asking for outrageous stuff during dowry negotiations in the African Society.Like,what is the fuss all about,if you are meant to sell your daughter then well just declare it a business.Hehe so well,girls,if I say we are bought.I will not be wrong….SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!Just saying!

Thanks for dropping by..